Citrus Gin
Citrus Gin
Citrus Gin
Citrus Gin

Citrus Gin

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The Citrus is zesty and fresh. The Juniper is prominent both on aroma and taste, less coriander and loads of fresh citrus, orange, lemon, blood lime, finger lime, lemon aspen, orris root and a little ginger. If you like a tangy zesty gin this is perfect for you.
ABV 42%

Primary Botanicals:
Juniper, Orange, Finger lime, Lemon

Secondary Botanicals:
Cinnamon, Ginger

Fresh burst of citrus oils, floral tones.

Delicate fruity sherbet, lingering lavender thang, herbaceous basil.

Warming refreshing fruits.

Suggested Mixer:
Mediterranean Tonic
Soda Water
Southside cocktail

Dehydrated orange
Finger lime

Bottle - 700ml

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