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Prickly Moses Brewery

Great beer comes from good water, and at the Prickly Moses brewery they source the best. But at Prickly Moses they believe it takes something more... They call it Otway magic, but you might know her as Mother Nature.

Their handcrafted, natural brewing process begins in the Otways, where they use pure rainwater from the lush rainforests. They believe that leaving a sustainable, responsible footprint on our environment is as essential to what they do as providing you with beers that you can enjoy in any situation. That’s why they’ve implemented even more green initiative at the brewery to lessen their footprint. They use solar electricity to supplement the use of grid electricity and they donate their spent grain to local farmers who use it as animal fodder. To that, they add in responsibly sourced, high quality ingredients to create flavour profiles and aromas that invigorate the senses and leave your taste buds begging for more. Prickly Moses is proudly independent, proudly Australian made, and proud to continue exploring and creating the most delicious beers around from the finest ingredients with the best environmental practices in the industry.

Because that’s what you deserve. And it’s what Mother Nature deserves too.

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Apollo Bay Distillery

The Apollo Bay Distillery aims to preserve the tales of the town and embody the spirit of Apollo Bay. Their gins are linked to the ships that sailed off this treacherous coast many years ago and serve as a strong reminder of Apollo Bay’s nautical history. Located in the old Apollo Bay Post Office, built in 1970, they also house the anchor of the historic SS Casino who came to a fateful end off one of the local beaches. A visit to Apollo Bay Distillery would not be complete without trying a gin flight consisting of their handcrafted gins, distilled onsite, using local botanicals. Their beautiful copper column still is not to be missed! These unique and artisan gins can be enjoyed alongside a freshly made wood fired pizzas, using only the finest flour and ingredients.

Apollo Bay Distillery – Where the town spirit comes alive.

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Queenscliff Distillery

Queenscliff Distillery is a small boutique distillery, situated on the sea swept entrance to Port Phillip bay. They distill all their spirits in a traditional method using a copper pot still built in Griffith, NSW. Located underground in an old beer and spirit cellar at the Queenscliff Brewhouse (formally the Esplanade), you can see their still working away from day to day. The Queenscliff Distillery uses a sugar base and because of that their Gins lean on the sweeter side. Each gin also uses a unique blend of botanicals that set them apart. They hand zest their fruit and botanicals, hand bottle & label, making sure only the best product is put to market.

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Queenscliff Brewery

The ethos at the Queenscliff Brewhouse is to celebrate the art of beer making, and they aim to do this by showcasing craft beer from around Australia and beyond. But they also brew their own Queenscliff craft beer in their on-site microbrewery. At their bar and cellar door in Queenscliff, people can sample their beers and talk to their knowledgeable staff about all things beer related. Life and beer are very similar… Chill for the best results!

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Forbidden Fruit Cider

Forbidden Fruit Cider is the real deal. A cider crafted in the Otway lush rainforest using only 100% fresh Australian produce. Forbidden Fruit Cider was launched in 2010 and was doomed to become one of Australia’s most refreshing and fruity ciders. Once you’ve tried their very popular berry cider and mango cider, there is no way back! Fall in love with a real cider, crafted from 100% fresh grown apples and other fruits. With no added sugar, water, flavours or concentrate. It’s a pure product born in the rainforest. Always look on the bright cider life!

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